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1-1/4" x 30' Kinetic Energy Rope - Recovery Kit

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This Recovery Kit makes it easy to handle and store your recovery items until they are needed. They are perfect for heavier full size trucks, fully loaded SUV's, utility vehicles, skid-steer loaders, light tractors and small implements! The minimum breaking load of the 1-1/4" Slingshot is 52,500 lbs and 75,800 for our 9/16" Soft Shackles! The Slingshot It is constructed from double braid nylon and is coated with a military grade polymer, giving you superior strength that is waterproof, UV and even abrasive resistant. Our Extreme Soft Shackles are stronger and SAFER than steel shackles with comparable size! They come standard with a safety orange braided polyester jacket on gray body coated with fiberlock giving them a lightweight design and SUPERIOR strength!

  • One 1-1/4" x 30 ' Diameter Slingshot Kinetic Tow Rope (MBL: 52,500)
  • Two 9/16" Soft Shackles (MBL:75,800)
  • Convenient duffle bag for easy storage
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